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Starter en tråd om AKVA GROUP ASA (AKVA.OL) siden en del har den i favoritt-listen eller i porteføljen sin :slight_smile:

AKVA group ASA develops, designs, produces, and delivers technology and service to aquaculture industry. The company operates in three segments: Cage Based Technology, Software, and Land Based Technology.

The Cage Based Technology segment offers plastic cages, steel cages, feed barges, feed systems, sensor and camera systems, underwater lights, net cleaning systems, and nets and mooring systems under the Polarcirkel, Wavemaster, and Akvasmarts hardware brands. This segment also supplies polyethylene work boats and pipes to aquaculture and other industries.

The Software segment provides production control, planning, traceability, and ERP software for the aquaculture and fishing industries under the Fishtalk brand. The Land Based Technology segment primarily provides land based systems for the production of freshwater, as well as marine fish species using recirculation technology.

AKVA group ASA operates in Norway, Chile, Canada, the United Kingdom, Iceland, and internationally. The company is headquartered in Bryne, Norway.

AKVA group ASA is a subsidiary of Egersund Group AS.

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