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Starter en tråd om ARENDALS FOSSEKOMP (AFK.OL) siden en del har den i favoritt-listen eller i porteføljen sin :slight_smile:

Arendals Fossekompani ASA, a diversified power and investment company, engages in the power production activities in Norway. It owns and operates three hydro power stations with a total installed capacity of approximately 77.

6 MW in the Arendal area. The company also offers advanced heating systems based on induction technology to the manufacturing industry; builds, owns, and operates combined heat and power plants; and develops and delivers business-critical IT solutions and services to the energy and public sectors, as well as offers advisory system integration and services for mobile and satellite-based communications to the public and private sectors.

It also delivers monitoring, control, and management systems for professional and industrial customers in the communications, defense, offshore, and renewable energy sectors; provides products, development, projecting, installation, operation, and maintenance services; operates as an electrical contractor primarily for road and tunnel lightning; offers services in the Nordic and European wholesale market for electricity; manufactures equipment for the production of spherical micro-and nanoparticles; provides insights on forecasting fundamentals and prices for power market; and operates airport, as well as develops various premises. Arendals Fossekompani ASA was founded in 1896 and is based in Arendal, Norway.

La oss starte diskusjonen! @pilou @a.mator @ovstebo @diffish @chrrol1 @Cobra @VillaSolbakken @lasserun @pdx


Ja, hva skal vi diskutere her da? AFK er jo i grunnen et dørgende kjedelig selskap, som betaler forholdsvis stabile utbytter, eller har jeg misforstått? De er i hvert fall min “lazy farming”-investering…

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