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NattoPharma (NATTO)

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Nå ligger det kjøp 50+ tusen aksjer på 8.95. Kanskje vi snart blir kvitt de som ønsker seg ut av aksjen?


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05/06-2018 15:30:14: (NATTO.OAX) NattoPharma organizational changes for growth
Announcing permanent CEOs; addition of SVP Global Sales & Marketing
Oslo, Norway and Edison, NJ (June 5, 2018) - Thanks to positive performance and
strong growth with both NattoPharma and Kaydence Pharma, the pharmaceutical
business spin-off, each company’s respective Boards are excited to announce
executive roles, as well as the addition of a new team member to lead
NattoPharma’s Sales & Marketing teams.

. Daniel Rosenbaum, former NattoPharma CEO, has served as the interim CEO of
Kaydence Pharma since the spin-off in December 2017. The Kaydence Pharma Board
of Directors is extremely pleased with the progress over the last six months,
and has offered Rosenbaum the permanent position as CEO. The NattoPharma Board
will release him from NattoPharma so he can serve as the permanent CEO of
Kayedence Pharma.

. Kjetil Ramsøy assumed the role of NattoPharma’s interim CEO / acting CFO when
Rosenbaum shifted to Kaydence Pharma. Based on the strong performance and
development through the interim period, the Board has decided to name Ramsøy the
permanent CEO of NattoPharma. He will also continue as acting CFO until a
permament solution has been found to fill this role.

. In line with the company’s efforts to increase its global commercial
activites, NattoPharma has named Christopher Speed its Senior Vice President of
Global Sales & Marketing.

Speed comes to NattoPharma from Wiley’s Finest Fish Oils, where he significantly
enhanced the market value of nutrition products serving as Vice President of
Sales. Speed oversaw planning, development, and implementation of all marketing
strategies and public relations activities, ensuring articulation of the
organization’s desired position while assuring consistent communication to all
key stakeholders. By driving clear and focused marketing and PR strategies,
Speed was able to consistently produce measurable sales results. He also liaised
with elite influencers to garner key trends and insights into the food,
beverage, and nutrition industry.

A nutritional scientist and dietician with a background in nutritional
biochemistry, Speed was the CEO of Food and Nutrition Strategies, LLC, a
consultant firm to a wide range of companies, such as Barlean’s Organic Oils,
Minami Nutrition, PepsiCo, Unilever, Nestle, and DuPont, overseeing message
platforms, research opportunities, and new product launches. During this time,
he was also a central member of NattoPharma’s 2015 media outreach campaign,
appearing on national television programs to discuss Vitamin K2 as a
complementary nutrient for a heart health.

“Not only is Christopher’s technical understanding of ingredients unsurpassed,
but he brings a fresh take on the global market that will create new
opportunities for NattoPharma,” says Ramsøy. “He is a proven sales leader who is
greatly respected within our industry. With both current and new customers,
Christopher is well-positioned to communicate the compelling science behind our
MenaQ7, the importance of partnering with the highest-quality MK-7 provider, and
the tremendous commercial opportunity that MenaQ7 represents to our customers.”

“The last few months have been marked by tremendous growth at NattoPharma, and,
based on the progress at Kaydence Pharma, we are convinced that having these
two, independent and focused entities will create the most value for
shareholders and customers,” said Frode Bohan, NattoPharma Chairman of the

Frank Bjordal, Kaydence Pharma Chairman of the Board, agreed, saying, “the
attention and resources required to develop a novel and potentially
groundbreaking drug therapy are significant, and this announcement is yet
another important step in positioning Kaydence Pharma for future success.”

“With all the pieces falling into place, it is clear we have chosen wisely with
our leadership, and we want to see them proceed on their current trajectory,
continuing to exceed expectations,” Bohan concluded.



… er det NattoPharma sin K2? Fant ikke noe når jeg sjekket. :slight_smile:


Vet ikke. Fant ikke noe om det jeg heller. Uansett - interessant at Collett satser på Vitamin K2 :slight_smile:


Jepp, definitivt på vei til å bli mer mainstream. Tror nesten ikke det er Natto sin K2, da hadde det stått MenaQ7 eller noe tror jeg.



KG Investment Company AS (org.nr. 986 357 009) has on June 26th entered into a
binding agreement to sell 2 152 317 shares in NattoPharma ASA (org. nr.
987 774 339) to TG Montgomery AS (org. nr. 988 462 624) at a price of NOK 10,50
per share. After completion of this transaction, which is expected to take place
before the end of July 2018, KG Investment Comp AS no longer hold any shares in
NattoPharma ASA.

On the closing of the above transaction, TG Montgomery AS has entered into
binding agreements to sell 571 429 shares to Pro AS (org. nr. 941 869 424) at a
price of NOK 10,50 per share. Pro AS, an entity controlled by Sjur Thorsheim, a
primary insider in NattoPharma ASA, will after this transaction hold 1 911 889
shares in NattoPharma ASA, equal to 10,55% of the outstanding shares in the

TG Montgomery will further, in the same transaction, sell 190 476 shares at a
price of NOK 10,50 per share to Tsambiko Holding AS (org. nr. 989 058 355) and
190 476 shares at a price of NOK 10,50 per share to Cinco Invest AS (org. nr.
916 886 454). Cinco Invest AS is controlled by Kjetil Ramsøy, CEO and primary
insider in NattoPharma ASA. Mr. Ramsøy control 290 476 shares and 125 100
options in NattoPharma after the completion of this transaction.

After these transactions TG Montgomery AS will own 1 735 122 shares in
NattoPharma ASA, representing 9,57% of the outstanding shares in the company.
Frode Bohan, chairman of the Board of Directors and primary insider in
NattoPharma ASA, will directly and indirectly through Bohan & Co AS (1,033,455
shares), TG Montgomery AS (1,735,122 shares), NxT Capital Ltd (452 852 shares)
and a related party, Patrycja Ratusinska (350,000 shares), control 3 571 429
shares in NattoPharma ASA, representing 19,70% of the outstanding shares. Mr.
Bohan also hold 200 000 o

Ekstern link: http://www.newsweb.no/index.jsp?messageId=454571

Nyheten er levert av OBI.



Så, sjefen kjøper aksjer for 2 millioner kroner, til 10,50 pr aksje?

… dagens børskurs reflekterer overhodet ikke hva selskapet er verdt. :stuck_out_tongue:


Skal ikke være enkelt


Aksjer bytter hender i den «indre krets» som de liker å kalle det på ho. Hadde vært hyggelig om de også tok noe i det åpne markedet, men da kunne vi risikert (Gud forby) kursoppgang.


Heldigvis er det sykt med kjøpere på børsen i dag. Ordreboken ser jo magisk ut :joy:


Hallo, hvorfor legge seg over 7.50 når man kan kjøpe for 10.50 off market?


Bare så alle kan huske hvor crazy det er:


Bedret seg litt nå da



Innsidere kjøper aksjer for 22.6 millioner a 10.50, markedet svarer med å kjøpe aksjer for 115 tusen kroner a 9.12


Kan det være noko suspekt ved transaksjonen, eller er det 100% bull?


Jeg vet ikke om det er suspekt, men en transaksjon har to parter: storaksjonær selger seg helt ut (hvorfor?), men jeg tenker det er overveiende positivt at styreformann, ceo og styremedlem tar aksjene. De ville ikke lastet opp såpass dersom de trodde det var en dårlig deal.


Her er glasset som vanlig halvfullt (edit: halvtomt skulle det stå…)

Og fullt av feil

“i” eller “til”, pytt pytt




Man vet jo uansett ikke hvor lang horisont insiderene har (sannsynligvis mye lengre enn de fleste av oss ) og det antall aksjer de kjøpte nå ville det jo vært umulig å få kjøpt over børs.