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PCI Biotech Holding: Halvårsrapport (PCIB.OL)

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Starter en tråd om PCI Biotech Holding: Halvårsrapport. Kjør debatt! :slight_smile:



Second quarter and first half 2019 results

Oslo (Norway), 28 August 2019 – PCI Biotech (OSE: PCIB), a cancer focused biopharmaceutical company today announces its second quarter and first half 2019 result. Please find enclosed the report and presentation.

First patient enrolled into the pivotal fima CHEM “RELEASE” study, successful clinical proof-of-concept of fima VACC and extension of the fima NAc collaboration with a large pharma company.

The pivotal RELEASE study in bile duct cancer enrolled its first patient in May 2019. The study is initiated with up to two fima CHEM treatments, based on the final confirmation of safety that was reached in April 2019 in the Phase I extension study. The overall survival data for Phase I patients receiving the pivotal study dose are encouraging, suggesting a clear improvement over the best comparable published data in this high-unmet need orphan indication. By mid-August 2019, regulatory and ethics approvals have been achieved in 9 countries including USA, with 15 European RELEASE study sites open for enrolment. Bile duct cancer has a higher prevalence in Asia and a feasibility study for selection of Asian sites has been initiated, with the aim to include Asian sites in 2020. PCI Biotech’s focus is now to bring fima CHEM to the market for the treatment of inoperable bile duct cancer through successful completion of the RELEASE study with potential accelerated approval at interim analysis.

The translation of the vaccination technology, fima VACC , into humans was successfully completed in May 2019. The results of the Phase I study provide proof-of-concept by demonstrating improvement of immunogenicity of vaccines in healthy volunteers. The overall clinical data covering more than 90 subjects provide clinical support of fima VACC ’s potential to enhance the cellular immune responses that are especially important for therapeutic effect of vaccines. A recent preclinical publication in the high-impact immunology journal, Frontiers in Immunology, further elucidates the mechanism of action and prerequisites for the efficacy of T-cell responses induced by fima VACC .

The fima NAc research collaboration with a large pharma company was recently extended with six months to the end of December 2019 and thereafter the companies have agreed to use the following six months (until end of June 2020) to evaluate the potential for a further partnership. A positive international search report has been received on a patent application within the field of mRNA, which may generate valuable IP for the fima NAc programme.

On the corporate side, the Scientific Advisory Committee has been further strengthened to ensure adequate scientific support for continued progress of the fima VACC programme. The Board of Directors has by the appointment of Mrs Hilde Furberg been further strengthened with commercial experience and expertise.

Per Walday, CEO of PCI Biotech, comments: ”The initiation of the pivotal RELEASE study in inoperable extrahepatic bile duct cancer is progressing very well. The first patient was included in May and we now have regulatory and ethics approvals in two thirds of the countries including USA, and almost half of the planned sites open for enrolment and actively screening for patients. Additionally, a feasibility study is ongoing in Asia to ensure that we select and establish relationships with the most appropriate sites for patient recruitment and market impact. The company is now focused on successful completion of this transforming study. The encouraging fima VACC Phase I results provide proof-of-concept and efficacy in terms of dosing in humans as well as an overall characterisation of tolerability. We will now use these data to guide further development in a clinical disease setting and in seeking partnerships. It was encouraging to receive the promising initial response on a patent application for mRNA delivery, which may prove highly valuable for the fima NAc programme. We have also agreed a final six months extension of the current research collaboration with the undisclosed big pharma to complete in vivo work, including an additional six months thereafter for evaluation of potential next steps.”

Highlights –

fima CHEM

  • First patient enrolled in the RELEASE study
  • Regulatory and ethics approvals for the RELEASE study achieved in two thirds of the planned countries, including USA
  • Almost half of the RELEASE study sites opened and actively screening for patients
  • Initiated feasibility study in Asia with the aim of including sites in 2020
  • Completion of the full Phase I study, with successful safety read-out for repeated treatment
  • Presented Phase I data at key conferences in Asia-Pacific and US

fima VACC

  • Successful clinical proof-of-concept with enhanced immune responses
  • Preclinical publication in high-impact immunology journal (subsequent event)

fima NAc

  • Promising response on patent application for mRNA delivery (subsequent event)
  • Final extension of the top-10 pharma research collaboration (subsequent event)


  • Further strengthened the Scientific Advisory Committee and the Board of Directors

A presentation in English will be held today, Wednesday 28 August 2019, at Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park.
Time: Wednesday 28 August 2019, 08.30am – 09.30am CEST (local time)
Venue: Jónas Einarsson aud. (2nd floor, entrance 2B), Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park, Ullernchausséen 64, Oslo.

The presentation can be followed as a live webcast (access through link https://webtv.hegnar.no/presentation.php?webcastId=98043175 ) or the company’s website under “Investors – Reports and presentations – Webcasts”. It will be possible to post questions through the webcast console.


Q1 Presentasjon:

Q1 Rapport:


Hvis en skal dømme etter interessen og kursen, så blir det et bedritent Q2 i morgen.

Håper på at det ligger en bombe som gir reprising (over 30!), men det er vel å håpe på julenissen?

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Julenissehåp i august gir dårlig odds :crazy_face:

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Veldig bra Q2. Bra jobbet PCIB.

Er flere topper innenfor biotek på vei til PCIB? Bra påfyll :slight_smile:

SourceURL:https://biography.omicsonline.org/norway/bergenbio/mrs-hilde-furberg-141046 Mrs. Hilde Furberg | BerGenBio | Norway


Hilde Furberg has over 30 years of commercial experience in Pharma and Biotech, she is currently Senior Vice President Rare Diseases EMEA at Genzyme a Sanofi Company. Previously her roles were Vice President and General Manager of Nordic Benelux and Nordic General Manager at Genzyme. Prior to joining Genzyme, Ms. Furberg was Managing Director and part-owner of Pharmalink and held a number of roles at Baxter including Managing Director Sweden. She is currently a board member at Pharmalink and has held board positions at Algeta, Clavis, Pronova and Probi.


Julenissen kom i august i år.

Så får vi se om barna er fornøyd med gavene…



Det eneste som er uvanlig her er at Pcib har inntekter. Det var jeg faktisk ikke bevisst på.

Da har du ikke fulgt med i timen. PCI Biotech er veldig dyktige på å finne forskningsmidler som går rett inn på konto.

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Må innrømme at rapporter er ikke noe jeg leser nøye i slike selskaper. Stort sett bare run cost og cash i balansen som er av interesse

Funka dårlig dette med egen tråd for Q2.

Arctic har en kjøp-anbefaling på aksjen med et kursmål på 60 kroner.

– Mesteparten av verdien er knyttet til fimaCHEM, som vi mener har en ca. 50 prosent mulighet til å lykkes med å få markedsføringstillatelse, sier han, og betegner verdivurderingen som konservativ, blant annet fordi ett av selskapets andre produkter og Asia ikke er inkludert.


Og de hedger Euro. Smart.

Alltid vanskelig å vite om folk er sarkastisk eller ikke. :smiley:

Men du mener det er bra right?

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Var ikke ment sarkastisk. At de har hedget euro for ikke å ta så stor valutarisiko har vist seg som et meget klokt trekk.


Right, jeg mener bra.