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Questerre Energy Corporation (QEC)

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Ingen røk uten ild tenker jeg. så tok en post på slutten så får vi se hvordan det går :slight_smile:


Jeg solgte for å se hvordan den utviklinger seg i morgen tidlig:) ser jo bra ut, så jeg håper den fortsetter til 3,7.


Kjøpte qec i dag, ser ut som vi skal opp igjen:)


Tror det kan lages en bulltrap her i forbindelse med den 45 dagers ventetida. Har ikke registrert forventninger til at det kommer noen kontra? Nå har jeg ikke fulgt tett med heller da.
10. august er det kvartalsrapport, og den forventes nok hyggelig, mer enn nok til å forsvare dagens kurs. Så tror på en oppgang mot den.


er det en omvendt hode skuldre som snart går? qec


Ikke umulig. Ser da bra ut det chartet, og OHS-en er ganske så tydelig.:smiley:


Questerre grants options to directors and employees

Questerre Energy Corporation (“Questerre” or the “Company”) reported
today that it has granted to directors, officers and employees a total of
3,323,000 options to acquire Common Shares at a price of C$0.48 per Common
Share. The options will expire on July 31, 2023.

The options were granted as follows:

  	Opening Grant Closing

Board Members
Alain Sans Cartier 476,250 81,000 557,250
Bjorn Inge Tonnessen 834,250 147,000 981,250
Earl Hickok 728,500 99,000 827,500
Dennis Sykora 480,000 103,500 583,500
Hans Jacob Holden 350,000 88,500 438,500

Michael Binnion 5,456,000 684,000 6,140,000
John Brodylo 1,838,000 360,000 2,198,000
Peter Coldham 1,737,000 400,000 2,137,000
Jason D’Silva 2,752,000 400,000 3,152,000
Rick Tityk 1,838,000 360,000 2,198,000

Others 1,959,917 600,000 2,559,917

Total 18,449,917 3,323,000 21,772,917

The Company seeks Safe Harbour.

Ekstern link: http://www.newsweb.no/index.jsp?messageId=456384

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Q2 den 9. august. Kan der være noget positivt eller er det først i Q4 at der kan komme noget kursdrivende information om Jordan?


Questerre reports on Q2 2018 results

Presidents Message


  • Average daily production of 2,016 boe/d for the quarter with adjusted funds
    flow from operations of $6.01 million
  • Government of Quebec introduces draft regulations intended to prohibit
    hydraulic fracturing of the Quebec Utica
  • Executes letter of intent to consolidate ownership of Quebec assets
  • Finalizes feasibility study for Jordan oil shale project

The Quebec government’s decision to attempt to ban hydraulic fracturing
blindsided us.

We recently filed a brief with the government strongly objecting to this
decision. Specifically, we have made the case that the proposed regulations are
neither well drafted nor legally within the power of the government. We have
requested a meaningful consultation to resolve these material issues prior to
finalizing the regulations.

We suspect this announcement was made solely for the upcoming election because
it directly conflicts with the extensive environmental studies on hydraulic
fracturing conducted during the Strategic Environmental Assessment, the letter
and intent of the hydrocarbon legislation enacted in December 2016 and the
government’s own published guidelines on social acceptability. Most importantly,
it runs contrary to the recent polling data where 60% of Quebecers support local
natural gas development.

It overshadowed a strong quarter for Questerre.

To regain operatorship of our acreage and advance the clean gas pilot, we signed
an LOI with our partner to acquire their Quebec assets. Consideration will
include a mutual release for outstanding litigation where our damages are
independently assessed at between approximately $50 to $240 million. On closing,
we will also put up cash and security for abandonment liabilities totalling
approximately $16 million.

We were also pleased with the results of the Hatch feasibility study on our
Jordan oil shale project.

Preliminary estimates of combined capital and operating costs for the first
phase are approximately US$38-40/bbl. Costs include upgrading the produced oil
to diesel and gasoline which realize a US$10-12/bbl premium to Brent. This makes
it competitive with similar large-scale energy projects. We expect the next
round of engineering will tighten the error bars on these estimates from
+100/-50% to +30/-20%. We are also looking at ways to optimize these costs and
overall recoveries to further improve the economics for this multi
billion-barrel deposit.

With higher oil and liquids prices, particularly condensate, the economics at
Kakwa continue to get better.

Like last year, we plan to participate in all wells on our producing acreage.
Two (0.50 net) more wells will be on by year-end with up to another eight to
nine gross wells beginning in the fourth quarter of this year. As a result,
production will decline over the second half before growing in the new year. To
accommodate these increased volumes, we are expanding infrastructure, namely our
central processing facility and central water storage, this year. Our year to
date investment at Kakwa, mainly on infrastructure, was $14.5 million. We
anticipate spending an additional $10-12 million here during the second half of
the year.

We are looking forward to the results from the wells at Kakwa North. The second
well should spud later in the third quarter and the operator intends to complete
both wells this fall. With success, we could see a similar ramp up in drilling
on this acreage next year.

The increased investment in Kakwa last year saw us almost double production
volumes to just over 2,000 boe/d this year. Including the higher oil production
at Antler, our liquids weighting is about two thirds with an average realized
liquids price of almost $72 per barrel. This was largely responsible for
adjusted funds flow from operations of $10.7 million for the first half of this
year up from $2.29 million last year.

Despite the election politics in Quebec, we are still working to get our pilot
project off the ground. Building on the strong local support, we recently
announced plans for sharing revenue with municipalities. We are committed to
working with the government and stakeholders but the process must be fair. We
are also preparing our back up plan, including legal claims if we are unable to
move forward.

Michael Binnion
President and Chief Executive Officer

Ekstern link: http://www.newsweb.no/index.jsp?messageId=456853

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Kursen her er vel 1-3 kr lavere en den burde være?

Kan bli spennende høst. Vurderer å gå inn her med en betydelig post, OM Funcom kursen bikker det jeg håper på i forbindelse med Q2 fremleggelse eller MYZ slipp.

Denne holder seg vel lav et stykke ut på høsten? +50%/+100% bør være realistisk når det har roet seg litt.


Petroleum Resources Act in Quebec coming into force



August 20, 2018 - Petroleum Resources Act in Quebec coming into force

Calgary, Alberta – Questerre Energy Corporation (“Questerre” or the “Company”)
(TSX,OSE:QEC) reported today that the Government of Quebec announced its plans
to officially implement or put into practice the Petroleum Resources Act (the
“Act”). The Act will govern the development of hydrocarbons in the province of

The Act was passed as law in December 2016 by the Liberal government as a result
of the adoption of Bill 106, “An Act to Implement the 2030 Energy Policy and to
Amend Various Legislative Provisions in December 2016”. The industry recognized
in 2009 when the Quebec Utica discovery was confirmed that a modern hydrocarbon
law was a critical prerequisite to successful development.

Michael Binnion, President and Chief Executive Officer of Questerre, commented,
“Years ago, we said that a new hydrocarbon law was a key pre-condition for
development. After over 100 independent studies and dozens of public
consultations we now have a fundamental achievement that was made with
bipartisan support in Quebec. I can’t exaggerate how important this step is for
our project.”

The Quebec Government also announced that it will proceed with the enactment of
regulations that include last minute restrictions on oil and gas activities and
hydraulic fracturing. As detailed in the brief Questerre filed with the
Government and available online, these specific restrictions in the regulations
are ultra vires, or beyond the legal power and authority of the government,
contrary to the independent scientific studies, and moreover they do not meet
the consultation requirements detailed in the Quebec government’s green book for
social acceptability.

On these technical grounds, Questerre has given legal counsel instructions to
initiate proceedings that challenge the validity of these restrictions,
requesting they stay and ultimately set aside these specific regulations within
15 days of the Government publishing the regulations in the official Gazette.

Questerre believes that the remainder of the regulations while stricter than
other jurisdictions are generally workable. The Company anticipates pilot
activities will help to refine and make needed amendments for improved
effectiveness. The new regulations are also a pre-requisite to the Company
closing its previously announced letter of intent to consolidate its assets in
Quebec and regain operatorship. For more information, please see the Company’s
press release dated June 4, 2018.

Mr. Binnion added, “We had anticipated that social acceptability was the next
step in our step by step process. We have been making excellent progress on this
front. Municipalities are very interested in our 3% profit sharing agreement and
public opinion is solidly in favour of our Clean Gas Initiative according to the
IPSOS poll. The last-minute electioneering by the Government has added a new
legal challenge for us which we are confident in overcoming. After the election
on October 1, 2018, we are looking forward to working with the government to
align the regulations with the enacted legislation.”

Questerre Energy Corporation is leveraging its expertise gained through early
exposure to shale and other non-conventional reservoirs. The Company has base
production and reserves in the tight oil Bakken/Torquay of southeast
Saskatchewan. It is bringing on production from its lands in the heart of the
high-liquids Montney shale fairway. It is a leader on social license to operate
issues for its Utica shale gas discovery in the St. Lawrence Lowlands, Quebec.
It is pursuing oil shale projects with the aim of commercially developing these
massive resources.

Questerre is a believer that the future success of the oil and gas industry
depends on a balance of economics, environment and society. We are committed to
being transparent and are respectful that the public must be part of making the
important choices for our energy future.

For further information, please contact:

Questerre Energy Corporation
Jason D’Silva, Chief Financial Officer
(403) 777-1185 / (403) 777-1578 (FAX) /Email: [email protected]

Advisory Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

This news release contains certain statements which constitute forward-looking
statements or information (“forward-looking statements”) including the Company’s
views that new hydrocarbon regulations was and are a pre-requisite for
development of the Quebec Utica, the implementation of the Petroleum Resources
Act is an important step forward for the Company’s project, that the new
regulations are among other things, beyond the legal power and authority of the
government, the Company’s instructions to legal counsel to initiate legal
proceedings, the Company’s view that while stricter than other jurisdictions the
remainder of the regulations are generally workable, the Company’s view that
pilot activities will help refine and make amendments to the regulations to
improve effectiveness, the Company’s views that it has been making progress on
securing social acceptability, its views that municipalities are interested in
its profit sharing proposal, that public opinion based on the IPSOS poll is
solidly in favor it the Company’s Clean Gas Initiative, the Company’s view that
it will have a positive outcome of the legal challenge associated with the
regulations relating to hydraulic fracturing and its plan to work with the next
government to align the regulations with the enacted legislation. Although
Questerre believes that the expectations reflected in our forward-looking
statements are reasonable, our forward-looking statements have been based on
factors and assumptions concerning future events which may prove to be
inaccurate. Those factors and assumptions are based upon currently available
information available to Questerre. Such statements are subject to known and
unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that could influence actual
results or events and cause actual results or events to differ materially from
those stated, anticipated or implied in the forward-looking statements. As
such, readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on the forward-looking
information, as no assurance can be provided as to future results, levels of
activity or achievements. The risks, uncertainties, material assumptions and
other factors that could affect actual results are discussed in our Annual
Information Form and other documents available at www.sedar.com. Furthermore,
the forward-looking statements contained in this document are made as of the
date of this document and, except as required by applicable law, Questerre does
not undertake any obligation to publicly update or to revise any of the included
forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future
events or otherwise. The forward-looking statements contained in this document
are expressly qualified by this cautionary statement.

Ekstern link: http://www.newsweb.no/index.jsp?messageId=457547

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Guts i uttalelsene her, har ikke helt tillit til at det er så enkelt.
Men verdt å følge med på. =)


Er det nå det nærmer seg tid for inngang? Denne kom et par uker for tidlig for min del altså…, men kanskje greit at den stabiliserer seg noen uker først :slightly_smiling_face:


Tror det er å ta i mot fallende kniv om dagen det.
Forventer QEC ikke får det som de vil i Quebec, og det så blir erstatningskrav som fremsettes. Tid, kostnad og forventning til suksess rundt det kunne vært intressant å grave i med tanke på inngang.

Den er lavt priset, men det er ikke nytt for QEC:

Oljeprisen og hva de holder på med utenom Quebec burde kunne forsvare kurs på 3-4 har jeg sett skrevet, mulig det stemmer, men markedet har vel aldri priset det slik.
Neste store trigger kan være at QEC får avslag fra regjeringen om søknad på noe som kan tillate de drift igjen. Det vil på nytt senke kursen skulle jeg tro i første omgang. Og være ett skritt nærmere erstatning-fase.


:thinking: for mye usikkerhet for min del, avventer inntil videre!
ett tankekors er at hvis de ikke hadde kommet med dette forbudet i st.lawrens så hadde kursen idag sikkert vært over 10kr


Om en tenker på innkjøp med langsiktige hensikter, kan det sikkert være greit å spre ut kjøpsbud i både tid å kurser.
Beregne at 50% innkjøp en ønsker i posisjon er gjort de neste 3 mnd, og starte med å sette opp små-handler. Dersom formue/kurtasje kan gjøre slike innkjøp gunstig.


Ser uansett ann et par uker til. Kjøper heller trygt på stabil kurs en femtiøre opp en å gamble på at dette er bunn.

Først må Funcomgevinsten sikres!


Har tatt litt qec nå siste timen :see_no_evil:


Har vert litt knall og fall gjennom sommeren for. min del, inngang på 2,58 igår i qec ser foreløpig OK ut