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Questerre Energy Corporation (QEC)

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Oppdatert energirapport fra Quebec for 2019. QEC er nevnt på side 59 under hydrokarboner.

In Gaspésie, the Bourque and Haldimand projects
Petrolia, now owned by the company
Pieridae Energy, could approach the phase
of production. Junex’s Galt project, also in
Gaspésie, could also cross the different
start-up steps, in context
political and economic. Questerre Energy could
go ahead with a demonstration project of
own production of natural gas, located in
the St. Lawrence Lowlands. This project aims
to show that Quebec’s gas production
natural with hydraulic fracturing may have
fewer environmental consequences than the
natural gas currently imported. Finally, the √Čnergie Saguenay natural gas liquefaction project and the
pipeline that should be built to power it
will be debated, while the impact studies
and environmental assessments will be done.


18/01-2019 16:07:32: (QEC) January 2019 Company Presentation