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Noen som har satt seg inn i dette caset:

Hvis ja, hva mener du om mulighetene?
Hvis nei, hva er magefølelsen etter å ha lest litt om konseptet?

Nei - men magefølelsen er god nok til å kjøpe for en liten slant :slight_smile: Norsk kar er med i prosjektet ser jeg, for meg er det en betryggende liten detalj.

Jeg er litt skeptisk til at et community skal velge hvilke coins man skal satse på fordi det kan brukes til å manipulasjon, men synes også det er en spennende måte å gjøre det på. Det er vel heller ikke kun basert på community men også noe mer teknisk.

Får satse på at det blir verdt å si tusen takk for tipset i fremtiden :smiley: (Dvs: Shit fy faen tusen tusen tusen tusen takk RadivS!!!)

Mer enn en norsk :slight_smile:
Ser ut som alle der er norske bortsett fra han til høyre. Fra california og bodd i norge i 8 år. Virker som en veldig legit ico hvertfall. 50% discount på pre-sale nå.

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Jeg fikk dette da jeg skrev inn epostadressen. Må innrømme jeg blir litt glad :slight_smile: Han virker som en ok kar han Espen Moen Kvelland, og prosjektet virker lovende:

Hi there,

My name is Espen Moen Kvelland, I’m the BullToken CTO & co-founder, and I’m one of the founders of the Norwegian software development company, Akeo.

I started Akeo with some friends back in 2009. Our idea was to create a CRM system for the financial industry. Today this system is in production and used by companies in Norway. Over the years we’ve also started working as technical consultants, and we’ve taken on some software development projects for customers. This has given us the opportunity to develope some very interesting peer to peer(P2P) lending platforms and some other cool fintech projects.

Akeo is also a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, and this is something we are extremely proud of. We expect to learn from and share tons of blockchain knowledge with our fellow EEA members.

But I would like to share a little more about me personally, to give you some insight about why BullToken is here today.

One thing that makes me happy is to teach young people how to code. I really love the feeling when I see their faces light up as they make something awesome. A few years ago I started volunteering for a group in Norway teaching young children to code. When I’m there with these kids and I’m listening to them when I ask them what they want to create, I think about how the future belongs to them and how fragile that future is.

I want to do whatever I can to contribute to that future.

As a developer, founder, CEO, and tech enthusiast, I’ve been extremely enthusiastic about the changes we are seeing in terms of decentralised systems like Blockchain. By the way you should read this blog article by Vitalik Buterin. One of his quotes from the blogpost:

Blockchains are politically decentralized (no one controls them) and architecturally decentralized (no infrastructural central point of failure) but they are logically centralized (there is one commonly agreed state and the system behaves like a single computer)

Since you are reading this, I suspect that you already know enough about Blockchains, so I will not use this letter to write about that.

Right now, there are some problems with some Blockchain tech using too much electricity while moving transactions. This isn’t something I like, but I truly believe that part of the solution for our environmental issues are to be found in that same tech, Blockchain.

This is a legacy I want my kids and the next generations to have.

In the last year we have seen a crazy situation happening in the Blockchain/cryptocurrency world. I’m talking about Initial Coin Offerings raising billions.

As I started my letter with, I’m a developer, but I have also been working a lot with the financial industry, both big companies and smaller investment companies.

When I got approached by some of these companies asking me to create an ICO for them, I knew I wanted to do something, but it wasn’t exactly what they were asking me for.

The problem is not about people in the financial industry asking me to help with an ICO, but rather that they were planning projects only for the sake of raising money and nothing else.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that the BullToken concept we created will change everything, but I believe it will help shape a better blockchain/cryptocurrency future.

I love that we have a new way to raise money for innovative ideas & projects, and give the people that invest in us the opportunity to make money directly. And at the very least, I love that we can do it without any middlemen getting rich out of other people’s success, without contributing anything themselves.

So, since we(Akeo) already have about 30 developers and 8 people working as project managers and marketing professionals, we decided to start the discussion this summer about how we could contribute. This ended up in a new company that we named Bull Tech.

The discussion went from trying to start something like an index fund, like Crypto20, or an actively managed fund like Astronaut. I find both ICOs very interesting, but after considering them both we ended up with something very different, and something we believe is much wanted in the crypto community.

Instead we created what we ended up calling BullToken.

I know! Before you say anything, we had the discussion at the office thinking about how long it would take before someone will be calling us “Bulls–t token”. It’s already happened, but that doesn’t bother me. The story behind “Bull” you can find in the Whitepaper if you want to read more about it, and it has important meaning to us.

I wanted to write this letter to the community trying to explain our motivation behind the project. Already now we have spent a large amount of resources on the project and I’m very proud of what we have created so far. We have also received a lot of positive feedback from many of you.

BullToken is a pure people-driven investment community, and we have crafted our idea for two different types of people. Both of them might be you.

This means that you, the tech-enthusiast crypto investor, can submit, vote for, and discuss which ICOs our Investment Community should invest in. For all your time and effort, I want you to be rewarded!

We call this reward Karma. Karma, which can be sold for Ether, is given to members when they contribute. You can read a lot more about Karma in our Whitepaper.

For me this makes perfects sense. Just think back on all the questions we are getting on forums every day about Cryptocurrency and ICOs. Instead of you just getting a thank you for answering, you should also be receiving something of monetary value, and here that is Karma.

And for you, the new but excited crypto investor, we wanted to give you the opportunity to invest in ICOs with the peace of mind that 1000s of qualified BullToken investors are working together towards a common goal, safe and smart crypto investing.

Of course, once a member of the community, you are free to choose the role that you feel best fits you. Maybe one week you are contributing, and the next you are just happy to be a part of the Community, watching from the sideline. You can always choose which shoe fits you best!

Since our Community was created to be and remain a democratic one, almost all decisions will be made by the Community itself. Over time I hope that this will lead to a Community with mutual respect for each other and one that hosts important discussions.

Secondly, as true believers, we want this to be huge. It needs to be bigger than it is today, Cryptocurrency that is. We need world adoption. The way to do this is to make it even more accessible to the masses. I truly believe we can achieve this with the BullToken project.

When we moved on the idea, we had two project-funding options. We could get “real world funding” for the idea, or we could fund the project-start ourselves. We ended not going down the first road because having traditional investors also would mean having to make choices inspired only by high profit, and we immediately lose the decentralized aspect of our project before it even begins.

Instead we ended up funding the first part ourselves, and the ICO pre-sale will be to gather the funds needed for creating the actual software(platform), legal costs, and so on.

The pre-sale will be very limited. We are only gathering funds needed to complete the software. I feel this is the most responsible way of raising capital to produce our product.

In the final round, the mainsale will not start until we have a working product. To honour Vitalik Buterin, our mainsale will be done as an “Interactive Coin Offering” trying to fix some of the problems existing with ICOs today.

I’m sharing all this out of the highest respect for all you out there that have shared in our vision so far. I truly hope that all of you will join us in creating the BullToken Community.

So, why should we do this as a community? I mean, we already have reddit for discussions, we have the internet for finding good ICOs, right? Basically, everything comes down to some basic items

With a community meant for discussing, commenting, and voting, cheating will be much harder since everything is transparent. Each Community account is linked to the wallet that holds BullToken. History is stored, people can’t hide behind fake emails and nicknames like they can in other forums. There’s no hidden agenda in our community, like there is when a Bitcoin investor goes to an Ethereum forum to spread FUD(fear, uncertainty, and doubt) for their own personal gains.
Instead of ICOs handing over their advertisement budget to centralized giants like Facebook and Google, they can repurpose their efforts in appealing to our Community.
We all hope BullToken becomes the new standard for ICOs. We really believe our Community has the collective power to see through all the noise, to find the ICOs that are quality, and expose those who wish to do harm to the crypto community.
The work you put in as an active Community member is rewarded with Karma, that can be traded for Ether.
If you are an Investor just getting started, you can buy one Token and get access to many.
I hope BullToken is a part of helping out the next blockchain project that will be the solution we need for creating a sustainable future.
BullToken Community will be a serious player, taking responsibility for demanding higher standards from all future ICOs.
I mean, we as a community, can do anything!

Thank you for your time, and thank you for showing your support. We are excited to see you on the BullToken Community Platform early next year!


Espen Moen Kvelland, BullToken Chief Technical Officer & Co-founder


Først syntes jeg navnet hørtes ganske scammy ut…enda en irriterende ico. Men da jeg skjønte hva det handlet om så synes jeg det var et bra og passende navn. Et community som jakter bulltokens. Spennede ide og blir spennende å se hvordan det utarter seg etterhvert. Ser ut som det ikke er så lenge før pre-sale når max cap så gjelder å ikke bruke for lang tid om man vil være med.

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Har du noengang en dårlig magefølelse? :roll_eyes: #Mr.positivity :smile:

Dette virker spennende! Vurderer å hive inn en liten slant på pre-sale selv :slight_smile:

Interessant konsept!

Jeg har sett Bit20 som er samme konsept, bare at dem kjøper topp 20 coins etter mcap.
Se for deg, om dem investerer i 10 ICOs, hvor gjennomsnittlig økning er 300%.
(ikke urealistisk, om det er et edruelig valg av ICO. TRX for eksempel økte med 2000%)

Så bruker dem gevinsten fra første runde, til å kjøpe neste runde ICOer.
Gevinsten vil øke eksponensielt, hvis vellykket.
Et Norsk team gjør det bare “tryggere” for min del.

Vurderer å gå inn med 1eth i pre-sale.

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Jeg skjønner ikke helt roadmappen. Er det et helt år til før prosjektet kommer i gang med investeringer? For eksempel står det “Development of community platform” i Q3 2018. Hvis det er så langt frem i tid så føler jeg det er en betydelig risiko å gå inn så tidlig.

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Det er derfor dem lokker med 50% bonus.

1ETH gir deg 500 tokens idag.
1ETH gir deg 250 tokens under main-sale.

Noen av de tokens jeg er inne i har jeg en HODL-strategi til år 2020-ish på. Da tenkter jeg at BullToken også har begynt å skyte fart.

ETH kryper sakte men sikkert opp mot 1000$, så det gjelder å være rask om man vil ha mest valuta for pengene - Tenkte å gå inn i løpet av uka.

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Personlig har jeg investert i Bitcoin, Ether og Iota tidligere. Syntes det er veldig vanskelig å vite hvilke nye altcoins som kommer til å slå an. Derfor tror jeg BullToken kan være en fin coin å ha i porteføljen for å slippe det vanvittige grunnarbeidet som skal til for å få uttelling på nye ICO’er.

Kjenner godt til teamet bak BullTech også, utrolig ambisiøse og dyktige folk.


Det er litt under en uke igjen til pre-ICO er over.

Dette er en coin jeg tror kan bli veldig mye verdt utover “reell” marketcap, når den blir tradebar. Det avhenger kanskje av at coinen blir populær nok til at det såkalte community er aktivt (så vidt jeg har forstått).

Syntes det er et spennendes konsept.
Har forsøkt å lese meg litt opp på det.
Ser nå at de har delt inn pre-sale i tre faser.
Det er 3 dager igjen og vi har ikke nådd fase 1 enda (1500 eth). Dersom denne ikke nås er ikke prosjektet garantert. Men det nærmer seg.
Tenker kanskje vertfall å slenge inn liten sum i denne, den virker nyttig for hele markedet som helhet. Jeg tror krypto trenger noe sånt for å kunne hjelpe seriøse og gode ICOer frem å hindre folk i å bli lurt av svindler.
Men hvor lønnsomt dette blir for oss som investorer er jeg usikker på. Hvordan verdien på det som fondet invester i skal gjenspeile verdi i Bulltoken er jeg usikker på. Da den skal trades på exchange…:thinking: Man kan ikke akkurat cashe ut det som fondet har investert i i forhold til antall tokens investert, så hvilken verdi har Token da?

Så vidt jeg husker kan man det, altså at fondet kan kjøpe deg ut. Men kanskje jeg blander med en annen! Det ville vært veldig synd om fondet ikke startes. Er overrasket over at ikke responsen er større, tipper det er nettopp fordi man ikke helt vet om coinen vil ta av når den kommer på exchanges. Dette er en type coin jeg vil ønske å hodle; hvis konseptet funker vil de kunne investere i de beste ico-ene og gjøre kjempeprofitt fra disse. Bare det i seg selv er god nok grunn til at tokenprisen vil gå opp hvis det blir vellkket. men jeg er skeptisk til høy marketcap, fordi høy marketcap i høy grad påvirker hvilke ico-er man kan være med i for at det skal monne!

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Det er nok som du skriver usikkerhet om prosjektet vil lykkes, kombinert med at det ikke er særlig hypet som gjør at det går sent. Jeg lurer feks på hvilke kontakter de sitter på i Asia-markedet og hvordan de tenker å komme inn som tidlige investorer i de beste prosjektene. Det er ikke mangel på investorer i dette segmentet, så man må ha noe å tilby utover penger i de fleste tilfellene for å komme med. Modellen de skisserer, hvor medlemmene stemmer seg frem til ønsket ico er god, men muligens vil man da velge et prosjekt hvor man kommer for sent til forhandlingsbordet. Eks, dersom det skulle stemmes i dag ville jeg stemt på noen av de hotte Neo-icoene eller Bluzelle, Nucleus ol. Pre-sale av disse foregikk foregikk for flere måneder siden og det var køer av grupper og institusjoner som ønsket seg inn.

Jeg hopper på toget nå jeg. Blir ikke en helt eth, men jeg har i alle fall sikret min del av paien.

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Ble en ETH fra meg etter at investeringsmålet for fase 1 ble oppnådd, så da er det bare å vente :fireworks:

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Får ikke helt til å bli overbevist på denne, ideen er god. Men hvordan nøyaktig jeg som investor skal tjene penger vet jeg ikke. Hvor mange bulltokens vil det etterhvert bli f.eks

Sjekk ut svaret på dette spørsmålet på Bitcointalk. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2413676.0;all

I like your idea but I’m still a little fuzzy about how the profits from the community investment will be returned to the investors.

I understand that you are looking for people who are committed to the community and have developed a Karma System which will provide value added opportunities.

For the token itself, my understanding is as follows. Please let me know if this is correct.

By way of example, I invest one Ether and receive 500 BullTokens in the pre-sale. Let’s assume the community invests my one Ether and earns 10 Ether. How is that investment returned back to me? My understanding is that your advisory board will petition the community to learn how to best distribute that 10 Ether. Some of it will be used to buy back BullTokens and “burn” them, or permanently remove them from circulation. As a result, the supply of BullTokens will become more limited and the market value will increase. In that way my BullToken value will reflect profits received from the diversified investment in community chosen ICOs and altcoins. It’s not a direct return, but an indirect return by limiting the supply of BullTokens.

I hope I understand this correctly. I’m also wondering if this is a long-term sustainable practice.

Thank you for your help.

Hi Pacificbit!

Thanks for the question! You’re definitely on the right track. So instead of using your example as a single investor, I’m gonna use the whole community so it’s easier to understand in relation to how things are going to function. But I will say that you are understanding the gist of it.
So your question is “How will the profits from the community investments be returned to the investors?”. For legal reasons, we need to be very careful about how we explain things, but as a “hypothetical example”, do you understand the basics of an ETF fund? This is not much different, but at the same time it is very different, because we are officially NOT an ETF fund Wink

The BullToken token represents each member’s share of all assets we as a community invest in. Since we don’t pay out dividends, an owner can sell BullTokens on major exchanges, as its exchange value goes up and down, if they so desire. As the value of our Community Investments increases, the value of BullToken will also increase.

As far as the BullToken buy/burn strategy, it’s only a mechanism to ensure its liquidity on exchanges. This is something we may never need, but it’s in place and ready to be voted on by the community if needed.

And then there are a couple of other investment strategies to mention here as a supplement to what’s already been stated by you and myself.

In order to distribute risk, we have 2 main investment strategies. The first investment strategy states that we will invest a maximum of 1% of our total Assets Under Management (AUM) in new blockchain projects, and not hold more than 5% in any one investment. Whenever an underlying asset increases to more than 5%, BullToken will partially sell itself down to 5%, and repurpose 80% of those gains into investing in new projects. The second strategy is also investing in established cryptocurrency assets. Our current guidelines state that a maximum of 20% of the total BullToken Investment Portfolio can be established cryptocurrency assets.

The last important strategy to mention is flexibility. Every day is an exciting day in the world of cryptocurrencies, but nobody really knows what will happen tomorrow. In order to be able to adapt to this fast moving industry, BullToken has set guidelines, not set-in-stone rules, and is willing to adapt by including our community in future strategy planning. Although this wasn’t part of your question, this is a very important reason for why BullToken is not a 100% blockchain project, but a hybrid. All transactions that need to be stored on the blockchain will be there for all to see. Smiley

As far as we can see, as long as there are innovative projects to invest in, then this is definitely a long-term sustainable practice Smiley

I hope I’ve answered your question well enough. Anything else you’d like to discuss, we welcome it with open arms!

Will I be seeing you on the Community Platform? I hope so!

Best Regards,

Skjønner dere nøyaktig hvordan investeringene direkte øker vår token verdien? Jeg ser desverre ikke det. Vist jeg som individ ikke har mulighet til cashe ut det som investeres i, så vil jo token ikke ha noen praktisk betydning? Kun symbolsk eierskap til noe underliggendes, som ikke egentlig er under min kontroll.
Irriterer meg at jeg ikke er overbevist eller forstår denne, for jeg liker egentlig svært godt konseptet. Men jeg ønsker ikke gi fra meg penger bare for å vær grei heller, selv om hype kan gjøre tullete tokens verdt mye. Det virker som at de vil komme utrolig mange flere tokens, pre-sale er kun en liten del av det. Så når de kommer på exchange vil jo prisen falle betraktelig, selv om vi har fått “halv pris”. Der kommer også ETH prisen inn tenker jeg, men fortsatt ikke sikker på at de ikke justerer den heller.

Kommer sn på hvor mange som kjøper seg inn. Høy hardcap men tviler på at den blir nådd. Det er også det eneste negative ved prosjektet. Så lenge fondet er lite nok til at det kan velge mellom de beste ico-ene kan det bli genialt. Mens blir fondet for stort «må» det være med i flere ico-er enn det burde, for å få plassert investeringene.

Leste nå svaret fra bulltoken.

Sånn jeg har forstått det enkelt fortalt:

  1. Vi kjøper oss inn i fondet, som senere er et spleiselag for ulike ico-investeringer og stort sett andre kryptoinvesteringer.
  2. Fondet, basert på eierne, kjøper seg inn i ico-er og krypro.
  3. Forhåpentligvis har community/advisors valgt gode tokens som går opp i verdi når de kommer på exchanges.
  4. Rebalansering gjør at fondet får ny kapital til å knvestere i nye ico-er.
  5. Hver coin får en reell/variabel verdi når de er på exchange, alle coins/assets fondet består av er bulltokens underliggende verdi, delt på antall tokens.
  6. Bulltokens egen token er tilgjengelig på exchanges for kjøp og salg. Sannsynligvis vil kursen vært godt over underliggende verdi, fordi det ikke er mange alternative fond som investerer i ico/pre-ico med mulighet for ekstrem avkastning fra pre-sale til exchange.

Jeg har ikke helt klart for meg om bulltoken vil kjøpe tilbake tokens til fondets underliggende markedspris? Er det det som blir forklart over…? I så fall er bulltokens likviditet garantert. Crypto20, indeksfondet, kjøper tokens direkte fra fra deg om du vil det, til verdien på underliggende assets.

Underliggende verdi nevnes aldri noen steder jeg har lest, kun at verdien på token liksom skal gå opp når ICO/eiendeler går opp. Så noen gjenkjøps avtale vet jeg ikke om.
Dersom man ikke kan gjøre noe ved å eie token, hvorfor skal da etterspørselen egentlig gå opp så mye at man tjener penger på det? Vi får ikke utbytte eller tilgang på underliggende.