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Next Biometrics Group (NEXT)

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Not material that Hexagon CEO knew of Next Biometrics deal, court told
Ole Petter Skonnord
OSLO, Nov 13 (Reuters) - Hexagon chief executive Ola Rollen’s knowledge that Next Biometrics had signed a major client when he made an investment in the Norwegian company was not material, an Oslo court was told on Monday.

Rollen, who denies wrongdoing, is on trial for alleged insider trading related to a 2015 investment in Next Biometrics through Greenbridge, his part-owned investment firm, which is the biggest investor in the company with a 17 percent stake.


During his testimony at Oslo’s district court, Next Biometrics’ former CEO Tore Etholm-Idsoee, who is now its acting chairman, said the essential information about the major client Next Biometrics had won was already known in the stockmarket.

“All the substantial information was already out: that it was one of the big five, Acer, Asus, HP , Lenovo or Dell, and that we would start deliveries in the second half of 2015,” he said on Monday.

“The only thing was to confirm which one of the big five it was,” Etholm-Idsoee said in court, adding that Rollen did not know that Dell was the client in question. The prosecution alleges that a purchase of shares in Next Biometrics on Oct. 6 and 7, 2015 by Greenbridge amounted to illegal insider trading, as Greenbridge was also involved in talks to take a larger stake in Next Biometrics at a higher price.

It was also alleged that Rollen, who faces six months in prison if found guilty, knew the release of the name of the client would increase Next Biometrics’ share price and that his knowledge amounted to privileged information.

Etholm-Idsoee said the pricing of Next Biometrics’ share issue at 60 crowns per share was not a question that Rollen was much interested in when the two men discussed its plans.

“Ola was clearly more interested in other things: what does it take to be successful in the smart card business going forward…I don’t remember a discussion about the pricing.”

Etholm-Idsoee also said the cancellation of a royalty agreement was agreed around midday Oslo-time on Oct. 7 and that Rollen was not involved in that negotiation. The prosecution has alleged that the cancellation contributed to a share price rise and had motivated Rollen’s investment in the firm.

Rollen and his lawyers have said that he did not possess privileged information about Next Biometrics at the time of the share purchase, which was motivated by his own independent analysis of the Norwegian company.

Next Biometrics’ share price jumped by 85 percent to 89 crowns on Oct. 9, 2015 after Rollen’s investment was made public, but later dropped after Next Biometrics carried out a private placement in February 2017.

Shares in Next Biometrics, which is due to release its third-quarter results on Tuesday, closed down 5.66 percent at 50.0 crowns on Monday.

The trial continues








  • Revenue of NOK 25.4 million vs NOK 24 million in Q2-17
  • Gross margin improved to -4% in Q3-17
  • Commenced production shipments of NB-2034-S2 to US Tier 1 notebook manufacturer in October
  • Began commercial volume shipments to Fujitsu, a Tier 1 Japanese notebook manufacturer in October
  • On track to reach target of positive gross margin by Q1-18
  • Announced casino smart card deal with First Biometrics
  • Achieved milestone of 3 million sensors shipped during October

NEXT CEO Ritu Favre comment:
“We have achieved a number of important product development milestones and see growing market interest for our proprietary large cost-efficient flexible fingerprint sensors. We now have mass-production capacity firmly established for both flexible and rigid fingerprint sensors, confirming our leading technological platform and positioning us in the forefront of the security critical segments of the biometrics market. We are confident in our ability to achieve profitable revenue growth within our targeted markets of Smart Cards, Government ID, Notebooks and Access Control,” said Ritu Favre, the CEO of NEXT Biometrics Group ASA.



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Vil helst begynne å kjøpe her snart, men kanskje lurt å vente til finansieringen er løst. Liker ikke helt når selskapene må ut og flagge at de skal se på muligheten for å hente penger. Uansett har jeg vært veldig heldig med tradingen her og tross alt fått en ganske fin gevinst med tanke på kursutviklingen. Tror på selskapet på sikt så skal helt klart inn igjen når finansiering er på plass.


Jeg gjorde en veldig fin trade her. Ut på 54.50. Nå avventer jeg også.


On November 22, 2017, Emine Lundkvist member of the board of Next Biometrics
Group ASA bought 21 000 shares in Next Biometrics Group ASA at a price of NOK
46.70 per share.

After the transaction, Emine Lundkvist and her close associates hold 21 000
shares in NEXT Biometrics Group ASA and 0 number of options.


Oslo, 22 November 2017. Eurostores AS, a company wholly owned by NEXT Biometrics
Group ASA’s (“NEXT”) Chairman of the Board, Tore Etholm-Idsøe, has today
exercised an option granted in 2008 from Ecomnex Holding AS, a company wholly
owned by the company founder Ngoc Minh Dinh to purchase 70,000 shares at a price
of NOK 5 per share, i.e. NOK 350,000 in total.

Following the transaction, Eurostores AS expands their holdings to 398,664
shares. Additionally Tore Etholm-Idsøe holds 139,794 shares (i.e. 538,458 in
total) in NEXT. Further, Tore Etholm Idsøe and Eurostores AS hold 32,500 and
245,500 unconditional share options, respectively, and Tore Etholm-Idsøe holds
25,000 conditional share options, each giving the right to acquire one NEXT
share. In addition, Eurostores AS has a right and obligation to purchase 60,000
NEXT shares under a forward contract. After the above transaction Tore
Etholm-Idsøe and Eurostores AS controls a total of 901 458 registered shares,
options and forward contract shares


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28/11-2017 07:58:00: (NEXT) NEXT Biometrics and Tactilis Demonstrate First-Ever Biometric Smart Card Using Flexible Sensor Compliant with International Standards
CANNES, France, Nov. 28, 2017 - NEXT Biometrics and Tactilis today demonstrate
the first smart card using flexible fingerprint sensor technology compliant with
international standards. Singapore based Tactilis has integrated NEXT’s advanced
large area flexible sensor technology into its biometric-system-on card (BSoC)
to deliver a higher level of security and outstanding user experience for the
financial, governmental and access control mass market applications. Product
demonstrations are taking place this week at TRUSTECH 2017.

“NEXT’s advanced large-area flexible sensor delivers the security and
reliability that will help move the use of biometric smart card technology into
widespread adoption by the industry,” said Ritu Favre, CEO of NEXT Biometrics.
“Working together with Tactilis, we are able to deliver a product that can be
manufactured in volume and which meets the stringent standards requirements
demanded in real life implementations.”

The NEXT NB610 flexible fingerprint sensor has been incorporated into smart
cards developed and manufactured by Tactilis that are compliant with the ISO
17839 standard defining the implementation of biometric system-on-a-card
devices. This is the first ISO 17839 compliant smart card with flexible
fingerprint sensor technology. Tactilis has already integrated NEXT’s
non-flexible sensor, the NB 5510, into smart cards that are currently shipping
to leading system integration customer serving end-clients like the US

“We strongly believe large and flexible sensors are absolutely necessary to
provide fast one-touchenrollment and exceptional user experience, while
simultaneously providing the highest level of security for the card issuer and
the card user,” said Michael Gardiner, CEO of Tactilis. “Ease of enrollment and
the ability to work with existing installed infrastructure will also allow for
rapid low-cost adoption. We partnered with NEXT because their sensor technology
and long-term strategy help us deliver products that meet the new BSoC industry
standards and user preferences necessary for mass market adoption”

NEXT Biometrics and Tactilis are demonstrating the new smart card during
TRUSTECH Nov. 28-30 in Booth LER C019 at the Palais des Festivals.

About NEXT Biometrics
Enabled by its patented NEXT Active Thermal principle, NEXT Biometrics
(www.nextbiometrics.com) offers large high-quality area fingerprint sensors in
both rigid and flexible formats. The sensors can be implemented in a wide range
of product formats, including smart cards, notebooks, time and attendance,
USB-sensors, smart card readers, secure tokens and access control systems, and
many more.

NEXT Biometrics Group ASA is a publicly-listed company headquartered in Oslo,
Norway and with sales, support and development subsidiaries in Seattle, Silicon
Valley, Taipei, Prague and Shanghai.

About Tactilis
Tactilis provides (www.tactilisltd.com) a biometric smart card that has the
convenience and capability to replace all current forms of card identification
and completes the chain of trust in identity and information security. The
powerful biometric system-on-card utilizes a live fingerprint scanner to
securely verify the cards rightful user’s identity and authorize transactions
with a single touch of a finger. Multiple applications can be implemented within
one card successfully.

Tactilis is headquartered in Singapore, having operations and development in
Malaysia and Portugal and with sales in Hong Kong.